Fuel injection is the way of the future, but not necessarily because of its power increasing capabilities! In fact, fuel injection itself does not add significant horsepower to the engine. Fuel spills can be harmful to the water, fish, or other wildlife common to the area. You should always obey any postings from the Department of Natural Resources regarding noise regulations and no-wake areas.

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Marine diesel fuel systems, cooling systems, lubricating systems, electrical systems, exhaust and intake systems, and more will all be explored and thoroughly explained in layman’s terms. Mechanical problems are almost always the result of some human weakness or deficiency, and you must have a boating survival plan.

Fuel expands as it warms, so fill only to 90% and fill up just before leaving on a trip. Use oil absorbent cloth to catch drips and overflows. Marine fuel, for engines or for stoves, is the most common component of boat fires or explosions. Leaks in systems and ventilation shortcomings are the usual problems. Fuel overflows from gas tanks are dangerous to people and toxic to fish and other marine life. The traditional method for determining if you have a full tank is to look for fuel spilled from the tank overflow vent.

Fuel spills are harmful to aquatic life as well as to boats. Exposing hulls to fuel spills will cause the hull finish to deteriorate.

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