If your marine diesel engine fails to start it could be for any of the following reasons…

Engine does not turn over:

  • Totally flat battery
  • Battery connections or fuses
  • Faulty switches (battery and starting circuit)
  • Starter solenoid
  • Starter motor
  • Engine locked up –– water or oil in cylinder (or seized up)

Engine turns over but does not fire:

  • Fuel is shut off / no supply
  • Low cranking speed: engine in gear; auxiliary equipment engaged or low battery charge
  • Cold weather thickens the oil in the crankcase (turn the engine over a few times) also affects battery cranking efficiency
  • Engine in poor condition – low compression – too cold
  • Poor fuel injection
  • Check engine stop control has been reset
  • No air – emergency shut down stopping air (GM two strokes)
  • The pre heater (glow plugs) not operating
  • Air or water in fuel

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