Take a basic marine diesel engine course and learn how to keep your friends and family safe when boating. Find out how to service your marine diesel engine and know that it is properly maintained. Understand which marine diesel spares you must carry on board to make running repairs. Discover how to make emergency marine diesel repairs on the water.

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Whether you are a weekend boater or a long-distance sailor you must be able to maintain your marine engine and make repairs when on the water. Lack of marine engine knowledge can lead to disaster!

So, if you want to understand your marine diesel engine … then please keep reading.

A couple of years ago I met shipwright Laurence Burgin when he was doing some work on my boat. Laurence is a shipwright with more than 20 years experience on a wide variety of vessels. He also teaches marine diesel engine maintenance for beginners at yacht clubs around Sydney.

I attended one of Laurence’s marine diesel maintenance courses and the knowledge I gained has enabled me to do much of the regular engine maintenance on my boat myself. I still get the service guy from the engine manufacturer to do some of the more complex maintenance but with what I can now do myself I’ve saved thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

More importantly, I have confidence that I can handle an engine emergency out on the water!

Laurence’s marine diesel engine course is now available as a downloadable e-book through Amazon.

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